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Pocket Rainbow

Christian Women's
Gratitude and Prayer

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Meerkat Mayhem

Because You're
Worth It


New Non-fiction book in the wings!

Do you find yourself feeling empty and unfulfilled as a Christian woman? Do you long to reach God but feel like all you reach is a ceiling? 

I look at the root causes of this, and point you to a positive way forward in developing a biblical relationship with a living God - in dying to self instead of living for it. 

Do you really want change in life? This book can point you in the right direction.

The book goes along with the course Because You're Worth It, and has many practical exercises for you to enjoy.


Giuseppe Valentino

The book transmits a real feeling about life in special communities in South Africa. Reading the chapters, I felt to live inside the single stories. As a normal man who lives in a comfortable house and wealthy society, I suggest reading the book for people that want to know and immerse themselves in the real stories.
Excellent reading!


Rebecca Review, Amazon Hall of Fame

Karen Ess' creative writing is some of the best I've ever read and I've read thousands of books in nearly twenty years. Her care in describing scenes makes the stories she tells come to life in vivid color, texture, scent and emotion... So these things added to the story as I'd experienced them while living in Africa. It seems now only a dream of a barefoot girl on scented African soil. I live to find books like this that are so beautiful and remind me of my childhood.

The author does an excellent job of keeping your attention every second of the book. This is a book you will want to read again. As far as poetic descriptions go, I think I'll read the first story again just for the pleasure of how it is written. Now I'm going to shop for some SA foods as they are so delicious, especially biltong.

Amazon Top 500 Reviewer

Max Polyakov

This book provides a friendly guidance into the exotic South African life and introduces the ways people living there use to find their own place in the world. It seems to have been conceived as an easy read, but it doesn’t neglect the gravity of the social issues that form the background in each of the stories.

The main theme isn't to describe the plight of the underprivileged and outcast who found themselves caught in the darkest void of crime and abject poverty. The main tune of the author’s message is to lead us, readers up to light and remind us about the importance of doing things out of the goodness of your heart and the power of a self-devoting love to others .

As a language geek, I’d also like to praise the author’s linguistic skills, the choice of the words she uses, her ability to vary between remaining on the surface and taking deep dives when depicting, quite often in minute details, ether the fragility of the world or happy-go-lucky light-heartedness of some of her characters . I will especially recommend it to anyone who studies English as a second language because its descriptive language will enable a significant enrichment to their vocabulary.